Lab members

Judith Morales

Judith Morales Fernaz
PI (Ramón y Cajal Researcher)



Jorge García Campa2

Jorge García Campa
PhD student (MCIU grant)
Thesis theme: Plasticity and negotiation of behavioural rules over parental care.



Alicia Rodríguez Junca

Alicia Rodríguez Juncá
M. Sc. (University of Leeds, UK)
Joined us for a 6-month stay.



Nazaret Cubas Padron

Nazaret Cubas Padrón
Master student (Complutense University of Madrid, UCM, Spain).
Theme: Environmental factors underlying sibling competition.



Carmen Sáez-Royuela Pacheco

Carmen Sáez-Royuela Pacheco
Master student (UCM).
Theme: The role of plumage colouration on parental rules over investment.



Esther Hernández Correas

Esther Hernández Correas
B.Sc. Internship student program (UCM).
Theme: Parental favouritism under varying environmental conditions.



Past members

Emilio García Juárez

Emilio García Juárez
Lab Technician (Programa Garantía Juvenil, Comunidad de Madrid).



Sonia González Braojos

Dr. Sonia González-Braojos (visit her site)
Sonia joined us for a 6-month stay in 2017.
Theme: Use of aromatic plants in the nest by blue tits.



Alberto Lucas García

Dr. Alberto Lucas García (visit his site)
He did his PhD at Alberto Velando’s lab (Vigo University) between 2010-2014.