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Representative publications

Eggshell biliverdin as an antioxidant maternal effect. Morales (2020) BioEssays, in press.

Juvenile plumage whiteness is associated with the evolution of clutch size in passerines. Morales, Cuervo, Moreno & Soler (2019) Behav Ecol 30:1106-12 pdf download

Maternal programming of offspring antipredator behavior in a seabird. Morales, Lucas & Velando (2018) Behav Ecol 29: 479-485 pdf download

Coloration of chicks modulates costly interactions among family members. Morales & Velando (2018) Behav Ecol 29: 894-903 pdf download

Signals in family conflicts: a review. Morales & Velando (2013) Anim Behav 86: 11-16 pdf download 

Safe betting: males help dull females only when they raise high-quality offspring. Morales, Torres & Velando (2012) Behav Ecol Sociobiol 66: 135-14 pdf download

Families on the spot: sexual signals influence parent-offspring interactions. Morales et al. (2009) Proc R Soc Lond B 276: 2477-2483 pdf download

Fecundity compromises attractiveness when pigments are scarce. Morales, Velando & Torres (2009) Behav Ecol 20:117-123 pdf download

Egg colour reflects the amount of yolk maternal antibodies and fledging success in a songbird. Morales, Sanz & Moreno (2006) Biol Lett 2: 334-336 pdf download